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Annual power consumption below 8000 kWh
Household customers with an annual consumption below 8000 kWh receive an on-account invoice¹ four times a year. The first on-account invoice is submitted along with the settlement of accounts for the previous year following the meter reading at the beginning of the year.

Meter readings: 1 January, 1 April, 1 juli and 1 oktober
Due dates: Approx. 20 January – 20 May – 20 August and 20 November

Annual power consumption above 8000 kWh
Household customers with an annual consumption above 8000 kWh receive a settlement 12 times a year. The settlement of accounts takes place in arrears following the meter reading.

Meter readings: First day of each month
Due dates: Approx. the 20th of each month.


The due dates may be adjusted forwards, but never to a date prior to those indicated above.

¹ on-account invoice = partial invoice calculated according to expected annual consumption and prevailing tariff.