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Meter reading

We have made meter reading easy for our customers. Choose one of the following four alternatives for registering your meter condition.

Click this link to register your present meter condition. 
If you do not have a PIN code, this may be created when you register the meter condition.

Text message
Send us an SMS! Our SMS users receive a message on their cell phones when the next meter reading is due. They return the meter condition via SMS and receive an automatic response displaying the consumption since last registration.

To apply this service you need to register as an SMS user.

1. Send start <customer number> <meter number> to 07272. You will receive an SMS informing you that the service has been established, and you may at any time submit you meter condition. 
2. To report the meter condition: send <meter condition> to 07272

You will be charged regular SMS rate for messages submitted to us.

What will happen if I do not report the meter condition?
Agder Energi Nett needs your meter condition to make an accurate calculation of your electricity bill.

If we do not receive your meter condition, your electricity bill for the period in question will be based on your previous power consumption.

When performing a long-term calculation of the power consumption, it is very likely that your electricity bills will not be correct and accurate. According to the Standard Agreement and Agder Energi Nett’s procedure for meter readings, our customers are obliged to submit their meter condition on a regular basis.