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A precondition for reaching the goal of an efficient power market is a distinct division between monopoly regulated and competitive activities. This implies that the network function shall not affect the competition between the various power suppliers in the market. The network owner’s degree of corporate or proprietary integration with one or more power suppliers shall not constitute the basis for special arrangements which influence the customer’s choice of supplier.

The network companies shall maintain a neutral position.

An announcement from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) dated 1 July 2007 dictates the requirement for a monitoring programme describing which measures have been implemented for maintaining the neutrality.

There is also a requirement for preparing an annual report describing which measures have been implemented, as well as the outcome of those.

The requirement applies to network companies with more than 100,000 grid customers, as well as the network company responsible for systems, provided it is part of a vertically integrated enterprise.

Agder Energi Nett has 201 500 customers and is a subsidiary of the Agder Energi Group. We are consequently covered by the NVE’s requirement for preparing a neutrality programme and submitting an annual report.