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Obligation to supply

This will enable the customers to maintain a systematic customer relationship and be provided with electricity. This is supposed to be a temporary arrangement until the customers have signed a contract with an electricity supplier.

In cases where network company’s obligation to supply comes into force, the maximum rate for the first six weeks shall be equal to the area price on the Nord Pool Spot market plus an add-on of 6.25 øre/kWh including charges. After the first six weeks the authorities require that prices and terms are formulated in such a way that the end user is given an incentive to get a regular electricity supplier.

The tariff applied for the above arrangement is designated standby tariff.

The standby tariff is equal to the spot price + 6.25 øre/kWh including VAT for the first six weeks, and is subsequently increased to spot price + 18.75 øre/kWh including VAT.

The standby tariff is relatively expensive and rather unfavourable for the customer. Agder Energi Nett therefore recommends that an agreement with an electricity supplier should be made as soon as possible.

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