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Power outage

If your neighbours are also without power, it is a problem with the grid. Call us on 38607272.

If the power outage is restricted to your house:

• Check the main fuses or residual current circuit breaker (if you have) is in order
• Make sure the inlet fuses are intact.These fuses are usually located where the cable or overhead line enters the house. 
• If any of these are faulty, it is an internal problem within your installation, and you must contact an electrician.

Reduced voltage If you experience you have "half power", meaning that the lights barely glow, and some parts of the house do not have electricity:

• Check the input fuses and main fuses if you have a 3 fase fusebox (3 main fuses) 
• If you have a standard fusebox (two main fuses), the problem is with the grid. Call us on 38607272.

Earth leakage: If your residual current circuit breaker has tripped, is a problem with your installation.

This is not Agder Energi’s responsibility to repair.

Before you start troubleshooting, try to reset the circuit breaker. If this does not work, use the following procedure:

1.Take out all the fuses 
2.Check the main fuse is OK 
3.Reset the residual current circuit breaker
4.Reset the circuit breakers/fuses , one at a time.
5.When the fuse/circuit breaker for the circuit there is a problem with, is reset, the residual current circuit breaker will trip 
6.Take out the fuse on the circuit with fault before resetting the residual current circuit breaker 7.Further troubleshooting is thus limited to a single circuit, and you can call an electrician.

Notification of power outages can be registered on phonenumber 38607272. It helps us greatly if you can have your customer number available when you call.