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Tariffs and payable services

Description of tariff

Fixed component kr/month

Energy component øre/kWh

Energy tariff
Household customers with an annual consumption above 8000 kWh receive a settlement twelve times a year. Household customers with an annual consumption below 8000 kWh receive four on-account invoices and a settlement of accounts at the turn of the year.



Seasonally differentiated energy tariff
Seasonally differentiated energy component price: 
Summer season (May–October) 
Winter season (November–April) 
This tariff requires meter reading 1 May and 1 November, and is binding for one year.



Small installations without a meter



The prices include the public energy fund charge (Enova) of 1.25 øre/kWh, and the consumption charge of 20,86 øre/kWh. All prices are incl. VAT.

Public charges
A substantial part of the transmission tariff consists of VAT and two other public charges.

• VAT is currently 25 percent. 
• The consumption charge is collected along with the transmission tariff. This has been decided by the Storting (the Norwegian Parliament). For 2021 this charge is 20,86 øre/kWh incl. VAT. 
• Included in the variable part of the transmission tariff is a charge that contributes to the financing of the public energy fund, managed by Enova SF. This charge amounts to 1.25 øre/kWh incl. VAT.

Other services from Agder Energi Nett AS

Control of metering equipment
(Fees valid from 01.07.2017)
To be paid by the customer, whenever the meter is correct, cf. standard grid rental agreement, §5-3.

Meter controlled on site
Meter controlled in Agder Energi Nett's laboratory
Meter controlled in external laboratory

Outlay of energy pulses to power management systems






Reopening of installation(s) closed due to non-payment
Within normal working hours - Meeter with communication
Within normal working hours - Meeter without communication

Outside normal working hours - Meeter with communication
Outside normal working hours - Meeter with communication
Attendance charge





Wasted trip
Within normal working hours
Outside normal working hours
Ex: Being called out because of powerfailure and the failure is in the customers building.




Connection and disconnection
To connect and disconnect existing private homes, cottages/cabins and smaller industries, the owner of the installation must contact a prequalified company to execute the job for their own expenses.

All prices are incl. VAT

Obligation to supply energy
If, for a period of time, you do not have an energy supplier, you will be subject to Agder Energi Nett`s obligation to supply energy. This is spot price + 6.25 øre/kWh incl. VAT for the first six weeks and is subsequently increased to spot price + 18.75 øre/kWh incl. VAT.