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What is a smart meter?


The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) have decided that all electricity consumers in Norway shall have smart electricity meters installed by 1st of January 2019.

The roll-out of smart electricity meters unleashes new opportunities for electricity consumers and is the greatest modernization of the power grid in over 100 years. Agder Energi Nett is responsible for the roll-out of smart meters in both Aust-Agder and Vest-Agder counties.   




The new smart meters register electricity consumption every hour, and automatically send information about the consumption to Agder Energi Nett.

The smart meter opens for digital and smart power management in your home. With this technology, we are able to discover and resolve faults in the power grid faster, and will result in a more reliable power supply.






Easier meter reading.
The smart meters will register electricity consumption every hour and four times a day the registrations are automatically collected and transferred through radio-communication to Agder Energi Nett. Hence, you will no longer need to register the meter readings to us.


The introduction of smart meters, enables Agder Energi Nett to obtain better knowledge about the quality of the power supply. Furthermore, it will be easier for us to detect faults in the power grid, such as power outage and ground fault, and to restore the power grid quicker.


Smarter solutions
Just as smart phones have opened up for a multitude of useful applications, the smart meter opens for other suppliers to offer intelligent solutions to your home. The meters are facilitated so that additional services can help you manage and reduce your power consumption. 

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Do you want to know more?
The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate ( NVE) have through measurement and clearing regulations adopted that by 1 January 2019, all electricity customers in Norway will have automatic power meters , as part of the new measuring system for smart power.

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What do you have to do?



The installation of the smart meter lasts between 15 to 30 minutes and the power will be switched off (only for normal household customers ) in this period. The installer must have easy access to your current meter and a person over 18 must be present to welcome the installer.

  1. The installation usually last less than half an hour
  2. The installer must have easy access to the power meter
  3. The person who is present during the replacement, have to be over the age of 18